Whois Privacy Protection with HaveFuture

WHOIS Privacy Protection is most likely the perfect service for everyone who needs to keep his private data away from the public eye. With the Whois Privacy Protection service available at HaveFuture, you can be sure your personal data will be secure and that no–one is ever to find it.
Just by putting a system mailbox in the WHOIS contact details, we’re going to filter all of the arriving e–mails and allow through exclusively important announcements such as transfer permission demands. In this way, you’ll not be disturbed by spammers or those that plan to abuse your level of privacy.

Whois Privacy Protection–eligible TLDs

Our company is unable to supply Whois Privacy Protection for all the domain names. That is a restriction imposed by the entity in charge of administering the precise TLD at the highest level. That is why no more but a couple domain names are currently Whois Privacy Protection–eligible:
The supported TLDs are: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .co, .co.za, .me, .tv & .cc.

SSL Certificates

Get hold of SSL certificates directly from your CP

Via the Domain Manager, you will also be able to purchase an SSL certificate for your domain name. With an SSL certificate, all the sensitive info that your customers submit through your web site (via the order form, via a login form, etc.) will be enciphered and the sent information will never be endangered.

To get an SSL certificate for your domain, just enter the necessary details and hit the Activate button. You can get a common SSL certificate, which will be valid for one single host, or a wildcard SSL certificate, which will be enabled for all the hosts under your domain.

SSL Certificates

Domain Parking

Domain parking designed effortless

With the web hosting Control Panel, domain name parking is simple and fast. You just have to define the domain you want to park and to choose one of our domain name parking templates – For Sale or Under Construction. Our smart system will park your domain instantly with no waiting time. If you need to un–park it, it can be done with a single mouse click.

If you desire to impart a unique touch to the parking themes, you can also include a custom text message.

Domain Parking

Bulk Domain Name Registration Options

Instantly register a number of domains

Registering a number of domains all at once can be a hard affair. Because of this, we offer a bulk domain registration tool built into our web hosting Control Panel. It allows you to quickly register a lot of domain names at once.

You’ll be able to order Whois Privacy Protection, to change your WHOIS records, to choose whether to host the domain name in question under your account or not.

Bulk Domain Name Registration Options

Domain Name Locking

Theft–proof your domain names

With HaveFuture, you’ll be able to easily protect your domain from being taken away without your permission by "locking" it at your present registrar. This won’t affect the way the domain behaves in any way, but will momentarily block all domain name transfer requests.

In case you want to to transfer your domain, you can easily unlock it. Locking/Unlocking a domain name is rather easy and entails only one click.

Domain Name Locking

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